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Vintage Barbie Shoe Stitch Markers w/ Heart Ring - Sets of 3 - Ready to Ship

Vintage Barbie Shoe Stitch Markers w/ Heart Ring - Sets of 3 - Ready to Ship

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Each of these markers is handmade from pre-loved and repurposed Barbie doll shoes with high quality silver findings. And no two are exactly alike! Choose your color family and we'll put together a fun mix of shoes!

The space inside the 10mm silver heart ring will accommodate up to a size 7 knitting needle comfortably.


- We cannot guarantee which specific shoe style or color you will be given because we have so few that are actual matching sets -- the pictures here show the general look of the shoe types you will receive in your sets! The "Mystery Mix" sets are just that, a combination of all the different kinds.

- These markers are priced based on: the cost of each vintage shoe, the materials, and the time to make each.

- Many websites sell "clone" doll shoes in large lots; we do not purchase these on purpose. It is always possible that clone shoes have snuck in, but we have done our level best to weed them out. 

- These markers are meant to repurpose Barbie doll shoes that have already been loved and used, but we have taken care to soak, rinse, and clean each before they are sent to you. These shoes are from the 60s to the present day, so slight color or shape imperfections due to time and play may be present. 

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