Our Ethos

We feel it is important as a company to state our beliefs clearly an unequivocally. supporting.

Junkyarn believes in the rights of all individuals no matter their age, gender presentation, sexuality, race, background, or religious or political beliefs. We believe that all people are equal and deserving of respect, love, and support. We believe in the bodily autonomy of all women, female-presenting people and those with uteruses. We believe in furthering the cause of mental health and neurodivergent awareness. We believe in providing our employees with a living wage and a safe working environment.

We have two dyers who currently work on dyeing your yarn, which makes us a micro-dyer business. We work out of a converted garage attached to the residence of our owner. Speedy growth is not and has never been part of our business model. We don't dye yarn in the hopes of opening a brick and mortar someday. We dye yarn because we love the creative freedom it provides.

By choosing to support our small business, you are helping to make our dreams come true every day. 

Junkyarn was established as a business in 2016, and as an LLC in 2019.