Care for Junkyarn

Junkyarn yarn is hand-dyed and therefore may produce some contact dyeing on first wash (especially if the yarn contains red or dark blue), but following the instructions below should help with this issue.

For the first wash:

1. Fill a shallow basin with cold water and pour in a dime-sized amount of Soak wool wash.
2. Lay your knitted item in the water and gently push the item into the water so that it is full submerged.
3. Let it soak for 15-20 minutes.
4. Gently squeeze out the item. I like to squish the item in my hands a few times instead of wringing, which can damage your fabric. If you use Soak wash, you won't need to rinse. 
5. Lay the item on a clean towel and fold the towel over the item. Press a few times to make sure any excess water is out of the item.
6. Hanging up will make the item stretch, so I recommend laying your item flat on a clean towel in a well-ventilated space. For socks, you can use sock blockers or simply lay them flat as well. You may want to turn the item over after a few hours of drying to make sure both sides get dry faster, but this is not necessary.

This step should prevent contact dyeing. If you'd like to be extra certain your dyes won't run, do these steps again for all future washes. However, all Junkyarn bases are superwash, so you can wash them on cold in the washing machine -- but please wash them ALONE or with similarly colored knits -- on handwash or a very light setting only.

Never ever put your knits (even superwash ones) in the dryer. This will cause immediate shrinkage, stretching and felting.