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Mystery Bags - Studio Sale - Ready to Ship

Mystery Bags - Studio Sale - Ready to Ship

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Each Mystery Bag will contain 3 full skeins of any of our bases (dealer's choice!) in colorways past and present, including OOAKs, past clubs, and more. Plus 2 20g mini skeins, 4 10g mini skeins OR a mix equaling 40g.

Bags may contain luxury or seasonal bases as well as retired colorways!

The value of each bag is between $80-$120, depending on the bases included, so you will definitely be getting a deal no matter what's in your bag!

Please note before purchasing:
- Mystery Bags, like all Studio Sale items, are not eligible for return.
- The weights in your bag may not match each other, but we try to keep colors together in a certain vibe for your entertainment (and ours, frankly!).
- If possible, we have given you skeins that will work together for a project, but if you need some one-skein project inspiration, look no further than this Ravelry favorites list we've compiled!

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