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Sock Blanks - Ready to Ship

Sock Blanks - Ready to Ship

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Yarn Base

These single knit sock blanks are dyed to create a gorgeous gradients inspired by existing (and new!) colorways. 

Each Sock Blank contains the same yardage as a single skein of our Smooth or Starlet Sock bases:

Smooth Sock Blank 4ply
75% Superwash Merino/25% Nylon
463 yards/100 grams

Starlet Sock Blank 3ply
70% Superwash Merino/25% Nylon/5% Silver Stellina
430 yards/100 grams

New to blanks or Gradient Blanks? Here are some Sock Blank facts and tips:

- A single knit sock blank is for one at a time socks. 
- In order to have identical socks from one of these blanks, we recommend knitting a sock tube then separating them for toes and heels OR cake the blank and pull from either end to start. 

Like the gradient/colors but don’t want to work from a blank? Click here to add winding service and we will gladly cake your blank for you! 

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