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wearing beautifully // julianna's fibre post-wear review

The goal of any knitting project is to produce an item that will last. After wearing my Rose City Roller socks made from Julianna's Fibre Lucid Dream sock yarn, I can easily say I'm sure these socks will last.

And I wear my socks hard. My feet are long and bony and skinny. I also have a tendency to wear socks around the house against the 60 year old hardwoods that aren't exactly gentle on knit fabric.

As you can see from the photos, after three soaks and subsequent hang-drying (my preferred method for drying my socks) these "Silver Lining" socks are still as vibrant as when I finished knitting them. 

It's important to learn where the most wear begins to show up on your knitted socks. For me it's the toes. I often switch to a contrast yarn for the toe just for this very reason; I know I might need to take it out and knit a new toe at some point. Although my Julianna's Fibre socks are beginning to fuzz a bit at the toes -- of course they are, they're made of wool -- the seam shows no signs of loosening and the yarn is still sturdy.

Some hand-dyed sock yarns have a tendency to run after their first soak. This is normal, but not exactly what you want to happen. These socks are colorfast and dyed impeccably. I noticed no signs of bleeding or fading after washing multiple times. I expected the pink, which is sometimes the first color to get muddy or fade, to show some signs of washing. But it stayed put and remained neon and bright!

Julianna Puccini hand dyes all of her yarns in Ottawa, CA and also hosts a podcast, which you can find here. I hope you'll try out her yarns for yourself!

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