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this man.


This man and I are getting married in a little over a month and we've decided not to write our own vows for reasons I won't go into (much). Suffice to say, we believe the best writers have already said everything we could say about a thousand times better. We're all constantly putting our thoughts and actions online for the world to see, so if you're reading this blog you know already that he is my fiance and I love him. But what you don't know is why. And that's what vows are generally for, to excuse or defend the thing you're about to do. Vows are the one time you can say sappy things without people judging you too hard. We've decided to forego this option because I'm a writer and he is a reader and we feel like we know better than to trod on this well-trampled holy ground. Maybe we'll regret this choice, maybe not. I know I won't regret not excusing, defending, or explaining our choice. 

I know the reasons I'm marrying him. These are just a few:

  • Never has he made me feel guilty for having an expensive hobby. Nor does he judge me for the shameless amounts of yarn I hoard.
  • On our second real date, he brought me to his apartment where we listened to a Gershwin record and sat on the floor drinking wine.
  • I've never heard him raise his voice to anyone. Even in the car at rush hour.
  • While politely throwing up once after a party, he told me to look away so I wouldn't get grossed out.
  • He drives so I can knit on long car rides.
  • Our house is full of his books. I'm the one with the degree in creative writing and he has four times as many books as I do.
  • He calls my cats his cats (and has hardcore bonded with one of them...).
  • When I want to listen to Adele in the car at full blast, he only complains a little.

We've been engaged for one year today and in a month we'll be married. That fact alone has made 2015 an amazing year.

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