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the coziest memory // blanket recipe

the coziest memory // blanket recipe

Quick disclaimer: This recipe is more of a combination of several patterns and ideas that I tweaked to suit my needs. Additionally, I believe the term Cozy Memories Blanket originated with Molly of A Homespun House but the "memory blanket" concept has been around for ages. 

The Coziest Memory
A Blanket Recipe by Kemper Wray

Sock yarn scraps (5-6g)
US size 2/2.75mm needles (I use straight needles, but you can use small circs or 2 DPNs)
One stitch marker

I got roughly 7sts per inch, but gauge really doesn't matter with this project. In fact, I think it gives the varied texture of the blanket some added interest!

Part 1: Start the first square
Cast on a total of 46 stitches
Row 1 (WS): k 23, pm, k 23
*if you would like to mark your right side with a removable marker, I would do so now*
Row 2 (RS): k to 2 sts before marker, k2tog, slip marker, ssk, k to end of row
Row 3: k all sts

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until you have decreased down to two stitches. Knit these two stitches as in row 3, then k2tog to finish the square. Snip the yarn leaving a 4-5in tail and pull through to secure.

Part 2: Beginning a second square
Pick up 23 stitches from the left edge of the first square (the diagonal decrease should be pointing to the left) then cast on 23 more stitches using whatever method is most comfortable for you. *I use the knitted cast on method, but the backwards loop method will work as well, it just won't be as sturdy and will make your bottom row of your blanket stretchy*
Repeat rows 1-3 as you did for the first square

Now you have begun the bottom edge of your blanket. Continue with Part 2 to make your first row as long as you'd like it to be. 

Part 3: Beginning a new row
Cast on 23 stitches using your preferred method (again, I use the knitted method, but long-tail will work as well here) then pick up 23 stitches from the top edge of the first square in your blanket.
Repeat rows 1-3 as you did for the first square

When you want to begin your second square (and each subsequent square) in your second row, you will pick up stitches from the left edge of the first square and the top edge of the square below.

Some important things to remember when starting your scrap blanket:

  • If you plan to use all types of sock or fingering weight yarn, you will definitely need to plan to hand wash your blanket. If you use superwash wool only, you can probably get away with tossing it in the washing machine (and even the dryer, if you're feeling daring).
  • Most likely all your yarn has not been pre-washed (and who really pre-washes yarn anyway?!) so beware of colors like bright fire engine red and indigo blues; these colors will very likely bleed onto the squares around it when washed. I try my best in my blanket to put bright reds next to very dark colors so that a bit of bleeding won't really matter.

I hope this recipe helps those of you who haven't yet started your scrappy blanket! Feel free to use this recipe as you'd like and spread the love!

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