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spun fiber company: ethical, sustainable, and local yarn

I'm delighted that Brittany Elbertson, owner and dyer behind the Spun Fiber Company, is joining the ranks of eco-conscious fiber folks working with local, American fibers and earth-friendly dyes. She's in good company these days with companies like Swans Island and O-Wool

Spun Fiber Company is currently in need of Kickstarter backers. 

Brittany's project is thoughtful and carefully planned, with each donation allocated. Her goal is "transparency and accountability" from farmer to mill to product, and she has planned her Kickstarter campaign with these ideals in mind. She openly discusses the benefits and challenges of sourcing locally-grown fiber. 

The color palette of Spun Fiber Company yarns is absolutely gorgeous and deserves to be seen. Brittany has kindly offered her backers a "Name Your Skein" option when donating at the $50 mark -- a chance I couldn't pass up! 

Brittany's giving spirit runs through her Kickstarter page and I imagine it will be present in her yarn offerings as well. Please consider donating to this worthy endeavor (and you may get a fabulous return on your investment with a skein of gorgeous yarn!).

UPDATE 4/3/15: As of this evening, Spun Fiber Company is fully funded thanks to amazing fiber folks like you! You can still contribute to the project, of course.

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