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Slow Fashion October, Week One - YOU

// ME

For a person with two degrees in creative writing, I really hate writing about myself. But here's the gist: I got to knitting late, but now it's how I spend a lot of my time. I have to remind myself that other activities exist (like eating and cleaning...). I'm lucky that I have a partner who supports my creative endeavors, but we can't always rely on others! In recent years I've tried to become more self-reliant and that means more than just pursuing goals and being strong in the face of emotional turmoil; to me it also means learning to rely on my tastes, my instincts, my creativity, and my sense of self. In the last year I've gotten much more in touch with my own personal style, for instance: rarely do I stray from my black jeans + A-line top (usually any number of striped or chambray ones, like the one I'm wearing above) and red lipstick, but that's what I like.

I also like to make things with my hands. I decided long ago that I couldn't be creative enough to be legitimate. And that's no way to live! I am just as creative as I want to be. That doesn't mean I'm not a legitimate designer, maker, YouTuber, blogger, writer, and creative person. Just because I don't do every single craft doesn't mean the crafts I do participate in aren't the right ones for me.

So in the spirit of embracing my self, finishing what I start, and living with less, here goes:


1#: Use more of what I have

I'm an impulse shopper. I always have been! I'm also an impulse caster-on and project starter. So I'd like to use Slow Fashion October as a way of cataloguing my progress. 

2#: Finish what I've started

I can never be a monogamous knitter. It's just not going to happen. But what I can do is finish projects that have been languishing for who knows how long and get them onto Ravelry!

#3: Work on a handmade wardrobe

Sewing is something I've always seemed to know how to do, but I've never done it well. I'd like to work on my handmade wardrobe this October. I've got the fabric to make the Moji pants from Seamwork and I'd love to get those done before autumn is over!

a colorful finished object // woven by casapinka

getting back to myself