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review // strauch fiber company ball winder and swift

I was waiting to pull the trigger on buying a ball winder and swift because I knew they'd be on display in my house. Not just because I live in a bit of organized chaos, let's say, but because I wanted them to be! 

After having the Strauch Ball Winder and Table Swift in my house for a few months now, I can honestly say that I think these pieces are works of art in addition to being well-crafted, functional objects. Several people who are not knitters have even referred to them as "sculpture" and I completely agree.

The Strauch Fiber Equipment Co. is the epitome of a small, handmade American business. Every item is constructed by hand in Virginia out of only the best materials and that's clear as soon as you see the products.

The ball winder can handle a very large quantity of any weight yarn and the large base keeps you from hitting your knuckles on either the moving winder or the base. The red metal clamp and rubber feet underneath the winder keeps the winder from scuffing your table (or in my case, this low bookshelf where it lives in my home).

There is a bit of a learning curve with this winder. I've found that consistent turning is key; you can't go too fast or the cake will be very tight, or too slow and the cake will be floppy. It only took me a few cakes to get this right!

The mini swift also comes with a convenient clamp and rubber feet for security. You can adjust the swift easily for whatever size skein you need to wind. And the best thing? The combination of both winder and swift produces an almost silent winding experience. You can certainly hear the air the swift produces, but there is no squeaking, clacking, or whistling. If your winder gets off balance on the table, you may get some wobbling, but that just means you need to move your winder.

I'm so glad I chose to wait and buy a high quality, handmade item that I will use for years to come.

To learn more about the Strauch Fiber Equipment Co., visit their website!

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