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review: spun right round 80/20 sock yarn

When I approached Renee of Spun Right Round about donating a skein of her yarn in exchange for a review, I had already purchased my own skein of her 80/20 Sock in Shock Star (above). I couldn't not have it. Speckled yarns are everywhere now, but this was something special. A rainbow explosion, a supernova of color.

Spun Right Round is based in Cortland, New York. Renee's "shoot from the hip style" of dyeing led to a full-time business. 

The first thing I noticed about this yarn was its deliberate inconsistency. It certainly looks hand-painted and one of a kind, but after knitting it up, I noticed that the placement of splotches of dye are carefully planned. I'm currently knitting a Cozy Memories Blanket and I often try to keep similar colors from touching, and variegated yarns separate from others like them. This gets harder as I add more squares, but I digress. Renee's choices of color have been placed with purpose so that not too much of one outweighs others.

If you're hesitant to knit with speckled or hand-dyed yarns because you dislike pooling, I would suggest starting with Spun Right Round. I didn't experience any pooling even as I worked on my heel.

The yarn itself feels luxurious and isn't at all rough in the hands. The 80% merino fiber does get a bit of a halo as you work with it, but I didn't experience any pilling or separating of fibers. The bit of nylon does a good job of holding it all together.

If you're looking for a workhorse yarn that could hold up to extreme walking, this might not be the best choice. It's fluffy and soft, not at all wiry as some strong yarns are. However, you could definitely use a yarn with a higher nylon or synthetic content for the heels and toes if you know you tend to wear on your socks there.

For a comfortable, airy sock, this is the perfect yarn.

I hope you'll enjoy working with your Spun Right Round yarns as much as I did. I found myself wanting to knit more just to see what colors would match up together next. Green next to orange? Pink with black? Not once did I notice any muddiness or bleeding of color. Each centimeter I knitted was different and special, making a wonderful knitting experience.

Visit Renee's blog here, or go straight to her Etsy store to pick up your own skein here.

If you'd like to win a skein of 80/20 Sock in Shock Star, please leave a comment on this post with how you'd use the yarn -- leave a link to the pattern you'd choose and your Ravelry ID (or email address) so that I can track you down if you win!

The winner will be drawn on Saturday, April 11th at 10am EST.

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