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a little bit of modeling for Solitude Wool

I'm not exactly shy, but I'm not used to having a professional take my photo either. So when I was offered the opportunity to model for Laura Chau's new design for Solitude Wool, I hesitated. First of all, I'm kind of a towering figure. Secondly, I'm not a size two; not just any knitted garment will fit me. Can I also admit that we took this photo on a sweltering 98 degree day...?

Despite all of these inital concerns, I had so much fun shooting these pictures. The wrap was cozy and large so even I felt petite when I wrapped up in it.

The wrap is knit from Solitude Wool's Coopworth Sport spun from 100% Coopworth wool from sheep raised in Virginia on a small family farm. This wrap was cozy and generous, perfect for cuddling up in!

introducing the Paseo Stole/Shawl KAL

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