Hand-dyed yarns inspired by women from all walks of life. From actresses to activists, women inspire us every day.

a colorful finished object // woven by casapinka


I'm always looking for a punch of color. In this gray professorial jacket, the stitching near the pocket is neon pink and I had to have it for that reason. But it's an odd shade of gray tweed that is nearly impossible to match with anything other than black. 

My Woven shawl by Casapinka screamed my name when I put on this jacket tonight. It's finally getting chilly in North Carolina, so I was glad to have a small kerchief shawl to throw around my neck.

I'm in love with all the jewel tones in this color way of Miss Babs' Yummy 2-Ply that I snatched up last year at the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair in Fletcher, NC.

I can't wait to wear this well into the fall with my many, many black shirts...

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