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weekend favorites // color crush

weekend favorites 2 collage On Saturday mornings, my favorite thing to do is drink coffee and either knit or browse Etsy. This week I've been loving pops of color (but let's face it -- when do I not like pops of color).

+ I can't decide whether this kitty necklace is cute or creepy...would you wear disembodied cat heads resembling your fur babies??

+ This skein of rainbow self-striping sock yarn inspired by the colors in the NYC subway system maps is just so tempting. I've definitely put it in my "dream stash" list on Etsy. Maybe it will need to come live with me next month?

+ I've recently gotten back into cross stitching recently, so I'm thinking of getting this pattern to remind me of the wonderful trip my fiance and I took to San Francisco.

+ I can't resist a squirrel figurine.

+ These stickers would be great to help me mark the days I film and upload my podcast in my planner.

+ If only I had the money to buy this gorgeous sweater!

free pattern friday // kitty tube socks

that one skein of sock yarn

that one skein of sock yarn