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knitting a wedding sweater

knitting a wedding sweater

weddingsweatercollage I am a non-monogamous knitter. I've always got five or six projects going because I get bored so easily. Rare is the project that holds my attention for longer than a few sittings without being switched out for another. Usually something has to drive my knitting to keep me from letting a project languish untouched for weeks or months in my yarn cupboard. Christmas, a birthday, or a special event usually does the trick.

I'm hoping this holds true for my wedding sweater. I've only been engaged for a week and I'm already looking for the perfect pattern, so I'm taking that as a good sign. But I know myself; I need at least eight months to finish this thing in time for my winter wedding next year.

The prospect of knitting this sweater is daunting and not for the reasons you're thinking. I would like the old "you can wear it again" adage to hold true! I do not want to put months of effort into a garment that I won't wear again. With that in mind, I have several requirements:

1. A timeless design

2. Effortless-looking

3. Just as lovely unbuttoned as buttoned

Above, I've included the four front-runners: (from left) Biston by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark, Lobelia by Meghan Fernandes, Ella by Hannah Fettig, and Elskling by Dianna Walla.

Each has a different personality and a different style -- I have a hard decision to make. Perhaps the most frustrating part of this process is that I will need to make a sweater choice before I've even found a dress! But if that's as frustrating as it gets, I'll be happy.

that one skein of sock yarn

that one skein of sock yarn

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