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southeastern animal fiber fair // mega stash enhancement

Two weekends ago, I headed over to Asheville for the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair. I wanted to go last year, but something interrupted plans. This year I almost missed my chance yet again because I was sick, but I persevered!

Boy, did I ever persevere...

And I came back with a haul that I should probably be ashamed of. My yarn bounty filled an entire Baggu bag (with a very event-appropriate goat pattern). Here's what came home with me:

2014-10-30 17.23.20

Four skeins of Bijou Basin Ranch Himalayan Trail in a selection of their newly-released Outlander-inspired colorways: (from left) Thistle, Claret, Mo Crihdhe, and Lallybroch. Himalayan Trail is a 75/25 yak down and merino fiber blend. Believe me, I could've taken the entire line home. The colors were so clear and bright! These are just begging to be made into a comfy shawl or cowl.


I also did some damage at the Miss Babs booth where I was one of about forty people intent on touching just about everything available before making a decision. I'd heard of her Leftie sets meant to be used with Martina Behm's Leftie shawl pattern; I knew I had to walk away with one. Turns out I found two I couldn't part with along with a skein of sock yarn in the shade Perfectly Wreckless.

2014-10-30 17.27.59

Don't let the big twist fool you, this is actually three skeins of fingering weight merino in Tomato, Spanish Moss, and Sapphire from The Copper Corgi. This was something I saw a lot of at SAFF: vendors twisting three shades together to make a giant coordinating skein. However, I put these together as a possible color range for a pattern I'm designing and she said she liked the colors so well together, she'd have to make more giant skeins with them.

So, I think I need to go on a yarn diet after this collection, but I'm so happy with my purchases. I can't wait to start working on whatever projects they might go into making.

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