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be honest: are you really going to knit that?

I have two problems today: 1. I have a case of the Sads lately and when I'm having a hard time, all I want to do is cast on a project that will keep me centered. 2. I'm feeling spendy...but when am I not feeling spendy, let's be real. I'll buy patterns at the drop of a hat. It's one of many shopping-related problems I have -- though I did go into my LYS the other day and I only bought one thing (a project bag), so I think I deserve a pat on the back for that. Not only will I go absolutely ham on some patterns, I especially love Brooklyn Tweed patterns. While reading Color Theory with Jared: Icelandic Yokes today, I was tipsy with ideas of knitting a lopapeysa-inspired sweater from his collections. But I held myself back (another pat for me, please). I kept thinking:

Are you really going to knit that?

It's an important question to ask yourself! My [growing] stack of unworked patterns proves that I have not been diligent about asking it of myself. I love the idea of knitting a colorwork cardigan or a lopapeysa, and if I ever make it to Iceland, I will make it my business to bring back a king's ransom of lopi to do just that. However, right now I've got to be selective. As you will see in an upcoming post, I have spent a tidy sum recently on yarn and other crafty bits and the time has come to save.

But of course, today had to be the day of Ysolda Teague's birthday pattern sale. Happy Birthday, Ysolda and goodbye hard-earned money.

I decided on a whim to buy the Beekman Tavern sweater pattern from her collaborative Rhinebeck collection.

But...will you really knit that?

I definitely think I will. First of all, this pattern spoke to me. I could hear it suggesting yarns and convincing me with its cushy cabling and raglan shoulders. Although beautiful, the Brooklyn Tweed lopapeysa sweaters did not produce the same immediate sense of excitement. I'm so excited to cast on this sweater that I'm doing my first swatches tonight.

If you're not the type to ask yourself "Will you really knit that?" I advise enlisting a close friend or family member to do so for you. It'll save you money and heartache down the line. And you'll have more time to knit the things you really will finish (or so I tell myself).

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