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weekend favorites #3

etsy collageEye to Eye Clutch from Romawinkel / Handle Necklace from Floti

Sun Also Rises Hand Dyed Sock Yarn from ToilandTrouble / Grey Leather Sandals from abramey

I spent a little too much time on Etsy this weekend, inspired by my recent discovery of the After the Jump podcast by Design*Sponge's Grace Bonney. I've always been amazed by people who take their crafting passions to the bank with online shops and stalls at craft fairs. As evidenced by the pictures above, I'm thinking about outfits where the yarn compliments the shoes and the accessories, etc. I wear a lot of tank dresses and striped cotton shifts in the summer, so I'm always looking for pops of color in my accessories.

This weekend I wrote a letter to my new pen pal. I haven't had a pen pal since elementary school when my class wrote to kids from our "sister city" in Ireland. That relationship lasted all of two letters so I'm hoping for a better run with this one. I recently joined the Letter Writers Alliance, which provides pen pals to LWA members. The membership fee is nominal and completely worth it so far. I check the mail with childlike enthusiasm awaiting a response (or a first letter from the pen pal I was assigned to!). If you'd like a pen pal (even if you're not an LWA member) please send me a message via the contact form! I have a giant post card collection...just saying.

And something funny: Modcloth is selling a ball of yarn for $11.99 in their office supplies section. Presumably for tying up packages, but really the possibilities are endless when you've got a ball of random scrap yarn. Wrap it around a plastic cup and call it a planter! Give it to your cat for hours of amusement! I really can't believe [2] people bought this.

I will try to have weekend favorites up on the actual weekend next time...

be honest: are you really going to knit that?

operation sock drawer