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operation sock drawer

sock collageI dove headlong into socks this month. Until this point, I didn't understand why anyone would want to knit a sock, let alone more than one pair. Why spend hours on something for your feet? To go into your shoes, even. I'm looking at my first pair of completed socks and I still don't understand that bit of it. I don't even wear socks that often. However, knitting this first pair feels like an accomplishment. I made them out of Western Sky Knits Aspen sock yarn in the Cake colorway. On Ravelry, I called these my "Cakewalk" socks in a winking tone; I did not expect this project to be easy.

And it wasn't! On her podcast, Grace said something about not letting yourself say "It actually wasn't that hard!" when people compliment your knitted projects or when they ask if it was difficult. If it was difficult and it took skill and problem solving, say so!

These socks took skill and problem solving.

  • I have skinny, bony feet, and I am a tight knitter. This does not make for socks that are easy to get into and out of. Lesson learned: use 2.5 mm needles instead of 2.25.
  • Using bamboo needles is preferable to metal (for me) because the bamboo needles hold onto the loops.
  • What to do about loose stitches in between DPNs? If the first stitch on the new needle is a knit stitch, hold the needle under the last needle. Thanks for the tip, Purl Bee!
  • When you're feeling spendy, don't ever go into a yarn store that you know carries Opal sock yarn. Don't browse Knit Picks either. I've spent so much money this month, y'all. And it's not even halfway over.
  • Susan B. Anderson's recipe for socks is the PERFECT pattern for first-timers. Her kitchener stitch video helped me immensely.

Even though knitting this first pair wasn't easy, it was so enjoyable. I made them in a little over a week (with breaks, clearly). And I'm casting on another pair today. Next step: washing and blocking these suckers.

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