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learning to relax

imageI don't know who said "I'm a work in progress" first, but I see this phrase all over the internet. It's the kind of quote that people love to post to their Pinterest boards. But as much as I try to deny it, I am a person who constantly feels this is true. Not only do I try to tackle many different projects at the same time (often leading to more than one being neglected). Recently my fledgling blog has been the project pushed aside in favor of more relaxing pursuits. It's truly shameful that I haven't posted since March, but have no fear! - I have many posts to roll out soon. In April, I flew to Florida to participate in a dear friend's wedding. I spent the weekend with a slew of worldly, intelligent, wonderful people and enjoyed the freedom of a real vacation. I knitted from the third floor balcony of my friend's parents' gorgeous oceanfront house, marveling at how quickly the stress of my life dissipated.

Growing up I was constantly doing something - lessons of various kinds, camps, day-camps, homework, play dates - and I was always tired at the end of the day because it had been full and stimulating. The toughest part of "adult life" for me (and by that I mean life post-MFA) is the feeling of going to bed with a busy, restless brain. Sloughing off the stress isn't so easy for me now, and I have to learn how to relax.

Knitting is relaxing for me. So is reading and marathon-watching Game of Thrones and playing an ungodly amount of Skyrim. I'm only now learning that I can't expect writing or cleaning my house or making dinner to be relaxing. Those are things I enjoy doing (sometimes), but they don't quiet my mind or help me to slow down. As much as learning to be productive with a cramped schedule has been a learning process, so is learning to relax.

I'm about 90% done with my Geometry shawl pictured in its infant stage above. This is a great relaxation pattern. After the set-up rows, the pattern is easily memorized. I bought a skein of Madelinetosh Lace in Spectrum and I had no idea what I would do with it. The colorway has been discontinued now (I think), so I'm really glad I purchased it even without having a pattern in mind. Geometry was a wonderful choice. It uses as much yarn as you have/want, and you don't really need to swatch because it's lace and will be stretched to within an inch of its life when you block anyway!

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. The best thing I've learned in these last months: allow yourself to have a weekend of doing exactly what you want every once in a while. We all have things to do, but doing what you want and allowing yourself to relax is just as important as being extremely productive.

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