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weekend favorites #2


(goats in sweaters - the friend who found this knows me so well)

I am a sucker for natural history museums. My mother worked as a curator for many years in a very small natural history museum in my hometown, so I grew up around stuffed, preserved, and otherwise dead-but-still-seemingly-alive animals (and you haven't lived until you've seen a mouse turned inside out). Emily Graslie's YouTube series The Brain Scoop, which she films at the Field Museum in Chicago, recently reignited this interest. This video about Carl Akeley's Four Seasons installation is fascinating. Every detail of the scene, down to each fallen leaf, was sculpted from wax and painted by his wife to look convincingly realistic. So much artistry went into this diorama, and Graslie's clear appreciation of that fact makes this segment great. I suggest queueing up all of her series to date. **A warning to squeamish viewers - you will eventually stumble across some truly gross videos of Graslie and her team skinning a wolf.

I'll forgive the Pop Culture Happy Hour panel for the shade tossed in the direction of knitters everywhere in their most recent episode (because a group of people that is right so much of the time is allowed one big blunder). This week's episode was dedicated to RuPaul's Drag Race. Speaking of Her Ru-ness - I'm so excited about this season's queens. I watched part one of the premiere with friends, but icy conditions (insane weather rant omitted) kept us from gathering to watch part two. Hopefully we will have better luck tomorrow night. Admittedly, I can't watch Drag Race and knit, so it's a great opportunity to hang out with friends and not distract them or myself with my furious knitting (I'm about 10 inches into a bottom-up sweater -- more later).

soft hands (while knitting)

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