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crowdsource // best hand cream for knitters?

I've got what I'm going to call "knitter's hands" which is a combination of winter cold-ravaged hands, flaky cuticles, and dry skin from knitting. Nothing seems to make this better no matter how much goo I slather on throughout the day. I've spared you the sight by not including a picture of my hands.

Knitters out there, what do you use to keep your hands soft while knitting? 

My main concern is applying a hand cream and having it get my knitting all nasty or affecting the colorfastness of the yarn. As you may know, wool-producing animals such as sheep naturally produce lanolin from their sebaceous glands (tip: if you know what's good for you, do not Google sebaceous glands). Lanolin is full of things that are good for skin, so it would make sense that a lanolin-based hand cream would be okay for using while knitting. Some less processed wools actually have more lanolin in them and can moisturize your hands all on their own, but sadly I'm working with good old Cascade 220 at the moment.

So far the ones I've found that seem the most promising are the Knit Picks Butter Hand Cream, Bag Balm (which is traditionally used to moisturize cow teats...), and Merino Lanolin Skin Cream. Let me know if you've tried these or any other knitting-friendly cream, and I'll make a purchase and report back!

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