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January Gentian

2014-01-11 11.52.00

I admit that I take on too many big projects.

That's why knitting one hat a month for 2014 appeals to me. It's a big project in the long term, but I can portion it out over twelve months (and try out different patterns and yarns).

This hat nearly finished itself. Karen Templer's version of the Gentian hat was perfect to me, so I had to make one for myself. I live in Raleigh, North Carolina where we're lucky to get one good snow a year. These puffy white cables remind me of snow powdered mountains and being bundled up by a fire, and that's what I need in a January that's been unseasonably warm.

I've got one more skein of the cushy, squishy Plymouth Yarn Co. worsted merino I used in my Gentian, but in a gorgeous plum color. Currently the Laurel by Jared Flood is the front runner for February; I might be on a Brooklyn Tweed pattern kick. I couldn't agree more with Karen's statement that the pattern was perfect to work from. A beautifully laid out, clear pattern makes the experience of knitting the item so much more enjoyable.

I definitely made a few mistakes in this pattern as I'm new to cables (you can see one in the leftmost cable at the bottom), but I didn't go back to fix them. I'm a perfectionist, but I also like to remind myself that with each project I get more adept at the task.

I will be sharing my Twelve Hats, One Year progress on this Facebook group, and also on my Instagram.

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